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Meeting concerning the financing of the furniture industry at Bpifrance Hub

A meeting organised by the furnishing industry Organization was held at the premises of Bpifrance Hub on Boulevard Haussmann about the financing market and the various solutions available for SME development.

Introduced by Dominic Weber, President of furniture manufacturers Organization, this meeting provided an opportunity to launch innovative solutions brought by Aurignac Finance and CEFIN.

Jean-René Griton, Aurignac Finance CEO, talked about existing financing solutions for innovative and growing VSEs, SMEs and mid-cap companies. This accurate portrait of financing provided answers to both business and professional organisations leaders (UNIFA and CODIFAB) questions.

The following debate involved the Fonds Bois (lumber fund), SIAGI, the Direction Régionale de Bpifrance and resulted in concrete and operational discussions.

This seminar was also an opportunity to launch an innovative service for these organisations' members.

Such meetings will be held in the different regions of France in early 2017.

Aurignac Finance and its business partner CEFIN are pleased to implement the best solutions for professionals in response to their sectoral issues.

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