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Assessment 2018 and outlook 2019 for Aurignac, strengthening of Mergers Alliance

Aurignac Finance advised eight transactions in 2018 with values ranging from €5 to €95 million with an average of €20 million. This excellent year confirmed our position in the French market, and for the fifth consecutive year we were ranked among the top 10 independent advisors by Thomson Reuters.

In 2018, we invested heavily in our geographical network and in particular in building offers and missions to serve our customers with our Mergers Alliance partners.

Mergers Alliance is the world's leading network of independent M&A advisors, the Alliance also delivered an excellent performance as shown by the attached ranking.

At the beginning of 2019, Mergers Alliance welcomed two new partners in key countries for our daily work: Proventis in Germany and Dresner Partners in the USA.

Given this international expansion, close partnerships in France, an expanded team and numerous ongoing operations, 2019 is a promising year for our customers.

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