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Aurignac Finance advises the sale of Airmob Groupe to Altitude

Airmob, one of the most innovative and dynamic B2B telecom operators in France, joins the Altitude Group, the leading independent provider of fibre infrastructure and telecom services.

Since its creation 6 years ago, Airmob has become the undisputed leader in France for 4G/5G connections for stationary applications. Airmob's data-centric and highly innovative positioning (multi-operator access, SIM card security via fixed IP, unparalleled customer service responsiveness) has enabled it to build a loyal portfolio of high-quality private and public sector customers and to record average annual growth of 60% over the last three years.

Airmob Groupe has recently accelerated its strategic development by becoming a full multi-operator MVNO with its own core network and by offering a value proposition that is currently unique in the market.

The merger with Altitude will further accelerate Airmob's development. Altitude Group specialises in the deployment, operation and marketing of fibre optic networks and is also present in the wholesale business with Covage and in B2B telecom services with Linkt.


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