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About us

Aurignac Finance is an investment banking firm dedicated to the small and mid-market segments.

We offer investment banking services on French and European companies with enterprise value ranging between €5m and €150m helping them answer strategic issues.

We advise and implement customised operations relative to equity, structured financing and complex situations such as carve-out and companies under administration.

Our clients are managers and owners of SMEs and mid-tier firms but also of major international groups and Private Equity investors. We serve their interests with the same level of rigour, creativity and requirement.


We currently advise mainly sell-side assignments and fundraisings on SMEs and mid-market companies. Our dealflow is very international as we spearhead in France the action of the world's leading network of independent M&A advisors Mergers Alliance. 

We have been constantly growing for over 18 years, and since 2014 we advised more than 35 deals in France and abroad. These deals were closed by our clients in order to satisfy strategic goals such as:

  • Achieve at best the full value of their business

  • Grow and diversify

  • Sell a strategic asset

  • Establish a footprint in foreign markets

  • Gain and maintain a sectorial leadership


We are able to assist our customers throughout nearly all industries of the European economy. We specifically and actively monitor the following industries:

  • Aeronautics and Defence

  • Energy transition

  • Digital

  • Luxury goods, beauty and cosmetics market

  • Food industry

  • Professional and specialised distribution

We attach a particular importance to the preservation of our clients' interests, so this is our main guideline in practicing our profession.

Consult here our Code of ethics and best practice.

On the sell-side, we assist family shareholders or private equity funds to manage and optimise their exit projets. We carry out as well non-strategic carve-outs for large coprorate clients.

On the buy-side, we support high growth companies, mid-sized groups or international corporations.

We act on the long-term perspective in order to create value for our clients:

•  Choosing the type of operation and its implementation timing

•  Preparing the operation

•  Targeting and selecting investors or banks

•  Managing negotiations of agreements and key issues



Our advisory in growth financing enables our clients to gather equity funding and structured debt to finance long-term investments or minority interest buyouts.


Therefore we assist:

•  companies willing to raise capital from private equity investors and/or bank debt in order to set up their growth projects,

•  shareholders in fund raising, aiming to finance minority interest buy-outs and more generally disposals between family members,

•  project developers (renewable energy source power-plants, factories, etc.) to set up and find structured finance adapted to each project.


We assist large and mid-sized groups in their projects to separate and sell out activities and business units that have become non-strategic.

We intervene at the earliest stage possible in the process in order to optimise the main terms of the operation such as the deal value, the carve-out conditions or the transition agreement with the acquierer.

Beyond the usual work necessary for a classic disposal, we assist our clients on specific issues:

•  Precise definition of the perimeter of the activity in question

•  Identification of the main issues relative to the separation fo the perimeter from the rest of the business

•  Assistance in the financial separation of the perimeter

The perfect control of these different stages is essential for the success of a carve-out operation.


We also assist our customers in acquiring companies or assets of companies that have filed for bancruptcy. By identifying opportunities as up-stream as possible, we contribute to set up a dialogue and a relationship of confidence between the stakeholders and therefore to materialise a common project that is benefical for both the acquirer and the target company.


We show great reactivity and capability to mobilise resources on extremely short notice in order to adapt to the rhythm established by the bankruptcy procedures.


Contact us

Aurignac Finance

153 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris, France

Tel: +33 (0)1 43 12 55 10


Parking space: Haussmann-Berry

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